Mayor Golan of Tel Mond, Israel Accepting Our Gift

Mayor Golan of Tel Mond, Israel accepting a gift from Sarasota Sister Cities.

The gift was provided by Tube Dude, the company that makes metal stick figures with a smiley face. They are manufactured from marine grade aluminum and painted in bright colors. They are located on St. Armand's Circle.
These figures first appeared holding mailboxes at Sarasota residences and soon spread.  Now they appear throughout Sarasota’s business district advertising everything from beauty shops to real estate offices.  They are a great treat of the tourists.  

Scott Gerber the creator of these wonderful figures, donated a bright yellow smiley face to Sister Cities to present to the Mayor, of Tel Mond, Israel our sister on our recent visit. 
Thank you Scott.  

Their web site is
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Mud at the Dead Sea

At the spa at the Dead Sea

Planting trees in Israel in memory of loved ones.  The group surprised Craig Hullinger with a tree for his mother who died just before the trip.  Thank you, everyone.

A brief about a Kibbutz at the border with Lebanon.

Great Visit to Tel Mond and Israel

Back Row - Richard Mantyla, Vicki Swenson, Ray Young, Pam Heller, Robert Rosenbluth, Suzanne Schwartz, Sue Rosin, Fred Bloom, Leone Levy, Howard Heller
Front Row - Craig Hullinger, Beth Ruyle Hullinger, Linda Rosenbluth

We had a wonderful time In Tel Mond and Israel. Thanks to all in Tel Mond and throughout Israel who made our visit so interesting. Mayor Golan and his staff were most gracious and told us about the community and its history. We are especially impressed with their hospitality and their commitment to developing our sister cities relationship.  

Our visits to the schools were very enjoyable and the children had great questions.The City museum was fascinating and told us about the community past.

Our visits to homes and the art fair were fun and the art so delightful we are bringing some home with us.  The art fair in homes is a unique idea that works very well. Our visit to the library was informative. The children’ section was creative and fun.

Our highlight was our Sabat meal with families in Tel Mond. They provided a wonderful meal and great hospitality.  The warmth of the family at these gatherings was an inspiration for all families.

The rest of our tour was also great. We learned great deal about old and new Israel. 

Thanks to our guide Naom Kalev and driver Rafi Shlomon for their outstanding guidance and kindness. Thanks to tour organizers Shaike Dranitsky and Malka Druker for organizing a great tour. And thanks to City Director Linda Rosenbluth for her great efforts in leading this successful tour. And thanks to all the people on our tour - we were a great convivial group who enjoyed each other and the tour.

We thank everyone for their hospitality.

Rober and Linda Rosenbluth, Mayor and Mrs. Golan, Beth Ruyle and Craig Hullinger