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Tel Mond (Hebrewתֵּל מוֹנְד) is a town in the Israeli Sharon region, located east of Netanya and north ofKfar Saba.


Tel Mond was founded in 1929 by Sir Alfred Moritz Mond, later known as Lord Melchett, a former British minister and president of the British Zionist Federation. The Israel Plantations Company headed by Mond purchased land in the region and planted citrus orchards to provide employment for Jewish laborers.[3] In 1933, a group of farmers purchased land from the company and established Moshav Tel Mond. In 1936, another group established Moshav Kfar Ziv. In 1943, new immigrants from Yemen established Shechunat Ya'akov. In the 1950s, Neve Oved and Hadar Hayim were built to accommodate the large wave of immigration after the founding of the state. In 1954, all these communities were merged to form the Local Council of Tel Mond.[3] The surrounding moshavim, Kfar HessHerut and Ein Vered, were also founded by the pioneers of Tel Mond.[4]
Over the past decade, the community has grown from a small town to a self-sufficient mini-city that provides services for other regional communities.


The home of Lord Melchett has been turned into House of the Lord museum, documenting the history of Tel Mond.[4] Outside the museum is a statue of Lord Melchett designed by Batya Lishansky.[4]

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